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Professional Oriental & Area Rug Repairs and Restoration: St. Petersburg & Clearwater Area

Of course we can repair and restore a wide variety of Oriental and specialty area rugs in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater & Largo area. Our Oriental rug repair specialists have years of experience and are trained in working with many different machine and hand-made rugs, such as the listed ones below;

Rug Repair

There are many different options when it comes to repairing your rug. Depending on the monetary and/or sentimental value of your rug, there are a few different levels of rug repair which include patching to complete reweaving of your rug.

Professional cleaning of your rug on a regular basis and more than timely rug repair will insure the value and exquisite beauty of your precious Oriental rug. It’s important to inspect your rug occasionally for any damage from normal wear and tear. This will help catch the damage early and will allow us to take care before it becomes more extensive and expensive to repair or restore your rug.

Use a Professioanl Rug Repair Specialist

Not just anybody can repair an Oriental rug; it is considered a unique art form. It requires precise craftsmanship, skill and a vast understanding of rug construction.

Utilizing our vast knowledge of rug structure and our unparallel experience within this industry allows us to provide you with outstanding rug repair services in the entire Tampa Bay area, which includes St. Petersburg, Clearwater & Largo areas.

Below are the most common repairs made to rugs in the Clearwater, St. Pete, & Largo area.

Fringe Repair of your Area Rug

We start out with a careful examination of your rug and determine the type of fringe work needed depending on your specific rug’s construction. For example, if your rug has hand knotted edges, then they need to be rewrapped by hand when repairing. We must always pay attention to the rug’s color and structure. If your rug was made by machine, then we can use a power fringing method which is timelier.

Some people like to change the fringe outright. We have a wide variety of colors and fabrics to choose from. Some customers prefer to remove the fringe altogether.

Edge Serging Your Area Rug

All Oriental rugs must have the edges or side secured with some kind of thread whether it is wool, cotton or synthetic to help protect it from unraveling. This is called serging and gives your rug a beautiful finish. There are two types of serging; hand serging and machine serging. Which one we use depends on your rugs construction.
Before either type of serge process, your rug’s edges must be strong enough in the first place. If they are not, we must reinforce them prior to the serging. This will make the changes last.

Edge Binding Your Area Rug

Binding is another type of process used to give your rug a great finished look. This repair process is mainly used on tufted carpet. To bind a rug, we take a narrow strip of fabric and place it over the raw edge of the rug and then permanently secure it. This will prevent the edges from fraying.

Rug Patching Your Area Rug

For most Oriental rug owners, patching may be your best option both economically and aesthetically. It is extremely important that as soon as you see a hole it should be taken care of immediately. This will limit more extensive damage.

Reweaving an Oriental Rug

Most times the value of your rug and the extent of the damage are the major determinates whether or not your damaged rug should be a candidate for our reweaving process. Sometimes, our rug specialist might recommend a complete reweaving of your rug, this is by far the best method in restoring your Oriental rug to as close as possible to its original condition. This method is the most thorough and time consuming. First, the damaged area is cleaned and then new threads are sewn to match the texture and color of the original rug right into the damaged hole. This will rebuild the foundation of your rug. As soon as that is completed, we very carefully and intricately match the knots of the original design. This is a very tedious task, but it is very important so that repairs go unnoticed.

Rug Backing Repair of Your Rug

There are various kinds of backing on Oriental rugs, some are hooked and some are machine rugs. Backing tends to extend the life of your coveted rug; this backing process protects underneath your rug and secures your rug’s knots in place more than not having a backing.

If your backing is worn-out or just plain old you may want to replace it, we have many different backing types for you to select from.

Our Specialty and Oriental rug repair & restoration quotes are always FREE in the Clearwater, St. Pete & Largo area. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Always remember… A Cleaner Rug is a Cleaner Home. Call (727) 260-RUGS or Schedule your FREE Pick-up & Delivery and have your Oriental rug or specialty area rugs cleaned right here in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, & Largo area.
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