FREE Rug Pick-up & Delivery
You pay nothing for us to pick-up and deliver your rug! We are NOT like those other guys.
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The Rug Cleaning Process
Your rugs get the ultimate royal treatment with our delicate and effective rug cleaning process.
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Before & After Rug Photos
See what your rug will look like after we get done with it…imagine how your home will look & feel.
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FREE Rug Pick-up & Delivery...Schedule Now!

Don’t worry about how you are going to get your rug cleaned…will it fit in my car? Who’s truck can I borrow? Can somebody help me load it up?

Call (727) 260-RUGS or fill out this form below and...

Never again will you have to ask yourself any of those questions. If you live in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo area, call or click to schedule your rug cleaning and we will be right there to pick-up that rug at your convenience…and guess what? We won’t charge you $40 to do it! That’s right, our rug pick-up & delivery service is Absolutely 100% FREE. Yes, as in it does not cost you anything to pick-it up or drop it off….like so many other cleaners do. Fill in the form or call (727) 260 - RUGS (7847) today.

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100% FREE Pick-up & Delivery in Pinellas County

We are already driving around town each and every day, it is no problem for us to swing by and scoop up your dirty rug without charging you a ridiculous service fee. It just doesn’t feel right. After all, you are our customers and we treat you like gold. We will even put it back where it belongs, even if we have to move a little furniture to do it. Just point and that’s where it’ll be…..all for FREE!

Always remember… A Cleaner Rug is a Cleaner Home. Call (727) 260-RUGS or Schedule your FREE Pick-up & Delivery and have your Oriental rug or specialty area rugs cleaned right here in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, & Largo area.
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