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Rug Dusting: Step 2 to a Cleaner Rug

Rug dusting is the most important part of the Oriental rug cleaning process.  All of your dry soils must be successfully removed before even thinking about adding any water or liquids for the deep cleaning process.  There’s been one study that has shown that an 8ft x 10ft rug can hold as much as 75 pounds of soil & debris deep down in the fibers before it will even look or appear dirty!  How much dirt do you think your rug is hiding?

Step 2: Rug Dusting

What is Rug Dust?

The “dust” removed by rug dusting can include a mixture of many things most commonly:

Allergens, such as; pollens embed themselves deep into your rug are continually released with each and every step you and your family make.  Another major make-up of the dust in your rug is disgusting dead skin cells, which are constantly sloughing off everyone’s body.  It’s the same principal as when your mattress doubles in weight from the same dead cells, the only difference is we can remove them form your rugs. 

If you have any animals, forgetaboutit! Your rugs are a giant powerful magnet for pet dander, which we all know can irritate allergies of your friends and family.

Why Vacuuming Just Doesn’t Cut It

Vacuums work great on the loose weave of your carpet, and are great for maintaining the health of your rug, but even the strongest vacuums are ineffective at removing soils deep in the tight weave of Oriental and other specialty area rugs.

Whether you have a handmade Persian rug or a machine-made Chinese rug; vacuuming will only remove the debris that is on the surface.  Frequent vacuuming is an all important part of keeping your rug looking great, but every rug needs a good dusting and professional cleaning every 2 years to keep it not only looking clean, but actually being clean.

Soil and Debris do Cause Damage 

Each step you make on a rug full of dust can do irreparable damage to the core construction of your beloved rug.  Dirt and soils are very abrasive and can break-down the fibers from the inside.  Frequently, this will cause some fading from the wear on the pile.  This will not even be evident until after the professional rug cleaning process.

After a thorough dusting, your rug is ready for its’ cleaning and it is now time for it to get wet.

Always remember… A Cleaner Rug is a Cleaner Home. Call (727) 260-RUGS or Schedule your FREE Pick-up & Delivery and have your Oriental rug or specialty area rugs cleaned right here in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, & Largo area.
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