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The Rug Cleaning Process
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The Rug Cleaning Process that Really Works

There are a few different ways Oriental and other specialty area rugs are cleaned, but through our experience, we have learned the BEST and most effective way to clean your delicate heirlooms. In fact, we have been earning rave reviews from our loyal customers for years.

Every rug we pick-up in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater & Largo area are hand cleaned with the utmost respect and care your rugs deserve. Your rug is then subject to our meticulous step-by-step rug cleaning process in which your rug cleaning method is customized according the fibers and dyes your rug is comprised of.

Primary Rug Inspection & Pick-up

One of our rug technicians will be at your home or office at the day and time of your choice. Our rug technician will do the initial inspection and provide you with an accurate estimate. If necessary, we will move any furniture to safely pick up the rug and then transport it to our rug cleaning facility in Clearwater, FL. Learn more about our primary inspection process.

Secondary Rug Inspection

After the rug arrives at our Pinellas county area rug cleaning facility, one of our rug specialists will thoroughly inspect your rug again to reconfirm and look for anything that may the primary inspection may have missed. This is also where we determine your proper rug cleaning method, cleaning products and set the appropriate drying time. Learn more about our secondary inspection process.

Rug Dusting

This is the part of our cleaning process where we remove almost all of the dust, dirt, allergens, and other harmful particles out of your rug. During this step, we literally shed pounds and pounds of unwanted material that a vacuum cleaner couldn’t even come close to getting. Learn more about our rug dusting process.

Rug Washing & Rinsing

After our colorfastness test, this is where we figure out how much water your rug can handle for the best results. We select our gentle cleaning agents and run with clean crystal clear water to remove any removable stains and odors. Of course this is done by hand and is repeated until your rug drips clear water. Learn more about our rug washing and rinsing process.

Rug Drying

Your specific drying method depends on your rug type. Most are hung to dry naturally using that thing called gravity, and others are dried flat. Learn more about our rug drying process.

Fringe & Detail Work

While your rug dries, we use a combing or pile fluffing technique to give your rug that look of luxury. When your rug is completely dried, we groom the fringes and put that classic touch on it as well. And when your area rug is completely dry, we vacuum it again and trim any loose fibers. Learn more about our fringe and detail work process.

Optional Rug Protection

At your request we will apply fiber protector, moth deterrent, install & customize rug pads, and even get your rug ready for temporary storage all to prolong the life of your rug for generations and generations to come. Learn more about our Oriental and area rug protection and preservation services.

Rug Delivery

And the moment you’ve been waiting for…your rug is hand delivered to your home and safely and properly put in the exact place you desire. We will gladly and cautiously move any furniture that needs to be moved. Learn more about our complimentary delivery of your rug.

Always remember… A Cleaner Rug is a Cleaner Home. Call (727) 260-RUGS or Schedule your FREE Pick-up & Delivery and have your Oriental rug or specialty area rugs cleaned right here in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, & Largo area.
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